Edifier e25HD (Luna HD)

With these eye-catching e25HD (Luna HD) multimedia speakers Edifier proves that lifestyle and sound quality can go well together. These speakers are designed for use as an active speaker system for your laptop or PC, but are most suitable as a good sounding replacement for a soundbar and even as a beautiful compact designer sound system. Simply place the speakers on your desk, windowsill or TV cabinet and enjoy movies, series and music albums in a surprisingly good sound quality.

Well equipped

These speakers are fitted with a 3.5mm jack to provide it with an analog signal, an optical input for a digital signal and a Bluetooth interface for a wireless signal. Easily connect this active speaker duo to your computer, television set or smartphone. No matter how and where you want to use these designer speakers, you can install them in no time. So do the controls. Simply switch the speakers on or off and adjust the volume by using the touch-sensitive buttons on one of the speakers. From the couch, you easy control the speakers with the included remote control.

On high heels

If you want to place these beautiful speakers freely in the room, just order the SS01C speaker stand that is especially designed for use with this Luna HD. These speaker stands transform these Edifiers from design speakers into true art objects. For a seamless match, these attractive stands are provided in the exact same shade of color as the speakers itself. Whether you choose stylish black, refreshing white or bright red, your designer sound system never looked as sexy as this.